Parenting Tips: 1 से 2 साल के बच्चों को क्या खिलाएं और क्या नहीं? यहां पता करें


One to two year old children should be given a very good diet so that their eating habits are healthy in future. Nutritious food strengthens the child's immune system and enables the body to fight against diseases, so plan your child's diet in such a way that Keep in mind that at this age your child can eat everything, give him all the things that you eat yourself, include more and more nutritious things in his diet like milk, eggs, chicken, pulses, nuts, fruits, green vegetables, etc.


Feed fruits Feed children fruits You can add oranges, grapes, strawberries etc. As fruits it is not only useful for bone strength but can also be useful in the development of children.

Milk is best. Parents should make children consume things made of milk. You can include cow or buffalo milk in the diet of children. Apart from this, curd, peas, green vegetables, eggs, rice etc. can also be included in the diet.

Apart from drinking fruit juices, cereals such as wheat bread can be included in the child's diet. Ghee and butter can also be used in bread. If you want, you can also give orange juice, apple juice etc. to your children.

Nutrients found in curd. Curd products can also prove to be very useful for children, for example, you can include curd raita or buttermilk etc. in the diet of children.


These things have a bad effect on health. Parents should not include street food in their children's diet even by mistake because it does not contain nutrients like chowmein ice cream soft drinks. All these things can have a negative effect on the health of the children.

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